Here is the official website of Clayburn Griffin. Accept no substitutes.

As a complex individual containing multitudes, a singular focus would not do the person justice. Therefore this site exists as a hub, a starting point for you to explore the many facets of Clayburn Griffin. It will continually update with more information as it becomes available. So whether you’re interested in Clayburn for his genius marketing, hilarious tweets, awesome hair or something altogether different, you can learn what you want and more about him here.

Clayburn’s primary goal in life is to become a brain in a jar and enjoy life through the infinite perceptions possible through neurobiotics. Until that time he hopes to stave off cancer and lupus. In the more immediate future, he is growing his digital marketing firm by devoting more time to it while expanding the team. Between digital marketing and TV binging, Clayburn is working ardently on two upcoming books. One is a collection of short horror stories and the other is a post-apocalyptic fantasy. He hopes to release them by the end of 2015. And, if you happen to be Clayburn’s mom, don’t worry; he’ll probably have a kid or seven eventually.

Enjoy your stay and remember to follow the rules.